Nomination for Membership

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Banque Saudi Fransi is pleased to announces the opening of the nomination for membership of the Board of Directors for upcoming Term starting on 01/01/2019G and ending on 31/12/2021G for those who meet the legal requirements for membership pursuant to the requirements and conditions as stipulated by law, in particular the Companies Law, the Banking Control Law issued by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, the Corporate Governance Regulations issued by the Capital Market Authority, and upon policies, standards and procedures related to the Board of Directors and its Committees membership (attached). Candidates wishing to apply must submit their CVs, credentials and experiences, taking into consideration the following: 


1. The candidate shall have no interest, membership or involved in any work that would compete with the bank in its main activity.
2. The candidate must not be a Board Member of more than five listed companies in the Saudi Capital Market at the same time and shall not be a board member of any other bank
3. The candidate shall not be convicted of an offense against honor, integrity, or has been subject to a bankruptcy ruling. 
4. The candidate must submit an application mentioning his desire to be nominated for the membership with a pledge, if selected, to provide the necessary disclosures as per the policy of conflict of interest of Board and Board committee members. 
5. The candidate shall fill in and sign SAMA Fit & Proper form and have it sent in both Word and PDF format, in addition to sending the original by mail. The form can be downloaded thru the copying the below link

6. The candidate must fill in and sign CMA form no.3 and have it sent in both Word and PDF format, in addition to sending the original by mail. The form can be downloadedthru the copying the below link

7. The candidate shall fill the independency forms and attach them with his application. (attached) 
8. For a candidate who was a member or is still a member in the Board of Directors of a joint stock company, he shall attach a statement of companies names of which he is/was a member along with the dates of his membership and the attendance record of the meetings attended in person.
9. The candidate shall provide a statement of the companies and institutions in which he is participating in its management or ownership, whether  they are running  businesses similar to the bank, have  joint contracts or interests with the bank.
10. The candidate shall clarify any relationship with any of BSF major shareholders or external auditors.
11. The candidate shall provide a statement of contracts and transactions with BSF or any direct or indirect interests in any of them.
12. The candidate shall provide a clear copy of valid ID card and family register for individuals, and commercial registration for the legal entities who wish to nominate their representative(s) in addition to his/their contact numbers.
13. Any other documents required by the supervisory entities or the bank.




For a nominee who has previously served as a member of the Board of Directors of Banque Saudi Fransi, he must attach a certified statement from the Board Secretariat regarding the last cycle where he was a member of the Board containing the following:


1. Number of BOD meetings held during each session period, and number of meetings attended personally in addition to his attendance percentage of the total number of Board meetings.
2. Names of permanent committees he participated in, and number of meetings held by each committee in each year of his membership in addition to his attendance percentage of the total number of Board meetings.
3. A summary of the financial results achieved by the bank for each year of his membership.


Candidates requests shall be received starting from the announcement published at “Tadawul” website on 18/12/1439 corresponding to 29/08/2018 till COB Sunday 20/01/1440 corresponding to 30/09/2018.
The candidates forms together with their attachments must be sent to Banque Saudi Fransi P.O Box 56006 - Riyadh 11554 - attention: Corporate Secretary, or by e-mail ( 
For any inquiries or further information, please contact the shareholder Affairs telephone number: (0112891136 - 0112891179) during bank official hours (from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm).



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