Banking With Us

Banking With Us

  • FransiPlus

    FransiPlus is the online banking solution to manage your accounts, conduct your day-to-day banking transactions quickly and securely, at any time and from any location.
  • FransiMobile

    FransiMobile is an application to manage banking transaction
  • FransiPhone

    FransiPhone is the telephone banking service that allows you to manage your accounts and conduct your day-to-day banking transactions quickly at any time.
  • FransiConnection

    FransiConnection is a self-service branch where you can conduct all your banking transactions at your own convenience.
  • FransiATM

    FransiATM enables you to perform all your banking transactions
  • FransiKey

    FransiKey is a service that enable you to access your e-channel services (FransiPlus, FransiPhone, FransiMobile) by generating a secure onetime-password from anywhere at any time.
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