Motor Insurance

Comprehensive protection that insures your vehicle with special rates for BSF customers. Open your current account and obtain your insurance through FransiPlus Now!
Protecting your car and lifestyle it provided, requires a certain level of care.
  • You cannot afford the car repair expenses
  • You cannot afford the car repair expenses of the third party
  • In case of the total loss of my vehicle (God forbid), you might not have enough fund to get a new vehicle.
Drive freely, but be assured that most of the risk that would affect you and your vehicle are covered with the appropriate comprehensive insurance.
Own Damage main Cover:
  • Material Own Damage
  • Third Party Bodily Injury
  • Third Party Liability
  • Fire of the insured Vehicle
  • Theft of the insured Vehicle
  • Property Damage
Additional Covers (Optional)
  • Natural Hazards
  • Insured Vehicle Towing Charges
  • Car replacement
  • Drive Personal Accident
  • Medical Expenses of the Passenger
  • Hold Up of the Insured Vehicle
  • GCC Cover Extension
You can as well opt to only a Third Party Liability Motor Insurance Third Party Liability Covers:
  • Accidental Death / Injury to any third party
  • Any damage to property owned by third party
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