Complaints and Inquiries Handling Mechanism

Complaints and Inquiries Handling Mechanism

Our dear customer:

Based on the desire of the Banque Saudi Fransi (BSF) management - at all levels - to take care of customers, receive their complaints and/or inquiries and resolve and respond them clearly with a high degree of care and professionalism, Therefore, we hope that you will not hesitate to submit a complaint and/or inquiry to the Customer Care Division "FransiCare" the specialized and responsible for receiving and following up on your complaints and/or inquiries and keeping their records for a minimum of five years.

- Procedure for Submitting Complaints and/or Inquiries:

  • Complaints Submission Channels
  • The bank provides its customers with all of the tools they need to submit complaints and/or inquiries and follow on them up. Customers can contact the FransiCare via the following channels:
  • Free Phone No. 8001188880
  • International Phone No. 920000548
  • Fax No. 0112895488
  • E-Mail:
  • E-Banking (FransiPlus/FransiMobile)
  • FransiCare
  • Banque Saudi Fransi Branches (Requires a written letter signed by the customer explaining the details of his/her complaint and/or inquiry)

  • Mechanism for Submitting Complaints and/or Inquiries
  • Complaints and/or inquiries are submitted through the above channels, clarifying the customer’s personal data, and attaching any supporting documents that may help speed up the processing of the complaint and/or inquiry. If the bank needs any other documents, the customer will be informed (according to the complaint and/or inquiry) noting that in the case of submission through the branches, a written letter signed by the customer is required, explaining the details of his complaint and/or inquiry.

  • A notification is sent to the customer by text message when submitting complaint and/or inquiry and provide him/her with its number and the specified period on his/her mobile phone number registered with BSF, the customer who submits his/her complaint and/or inquiry will receive a final text message upon resolving and closing of the complaint and/or inquiry, with the necessary supporting documents included. In the event that the customer submits his/her complaint and/or inquiry through the branch, he/she will be provided with an official receipt that includes the number and date of the complaint and/or inquiry, contact numbers and e-mail of the competent department - Customer Care Division - "FransiCare".

- Duration of Handling a Complaint and/or an Inquiry:
  • Determinant time to resolve the complaint and/or inquiry is five working days from the date of submission.
  • If the bank requires more time to resolve the complaint and/or inquiry, the customer will be contacted and informed of this, as well as the progress of the processing the complaint and/or inquiry.
- Objection and Escalation:
  • If the customer believes that the resolution was unfair, he/she has the right to inform the customer complaints officer who will contact him/her with the complaint outcome. In this case, it will be escalated to a higher management level for review. The customer has the right to escalate his/her complaint to the Head of Customer Protection at Banque Saudi Fransi through the following e-mail: (, if desired.

  • - The Entity in Charge of Customer Complains and/or Inquiries: Customer Care Division "FransiCare"
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