Banque Saudi Fransi Announces the Dividends Payment Method and Date for the Second Half, 2016

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Based on the approval of the Ordinary General Assembly held at 6:30 PM , on Thursday , dd 23/07/1438H corresponding to 20/04/2017, on the recommendation of the BOD regarding the Bank dividends distribution of the second half of the fiscal year of 2016G at (50) Halalas /share for the shareholders registered in the stock exchange records as per (the accounts of portfolios and stocks certificates) at the end of stock exchange on the general assembly date 23/07/1438H corr. 20/04/2017.

Banque Saudi Fransi informs its shareholders of the following:

1- Disbursing dividends will be from Sunday , dd 08/08/1438H corresponding to 04/05/2017G.

2- The dividends of those who have investment portfolios linked to an active bank account with one of the local banks shall be credited to their accounts directly.

3- The shareholders who have portfolios linked with bank accounts that cannot accept money transfer as well as those who have stock certificates , shall visit one of BSF branches spread all over the kingdom along with the ID cards for Saudi national and Iqama for non-Saudi so that they will be able to receive their dividends from the Bank directly. Furthermore, the aforesaid shall update their information with the Bank of their investment accounts to guarantee the direct depositing of their due dividends into their accounts in the future.

In pursuance of what was announced regarding the necessity of depositing all of the certificates in an investment portfolios linked with investment account , Banque Saudi Fransi urges its honored shareholders who own shares under certificates to deposit them immediately in the investment portfolios linked with investment account. This shall be done by filling up the application form of depositing certificates in portfolio that can be obtained from the Security Depository Center (Tadawul) , Riyadh , King Fahad Rd , Al Tuwaniyeh Towers.

Should you have any queries , please contact us on : 011/2891084 or 011/2891136 - Mob 0503164435 , or sending a letter by Fax No. 011/4037261 or registered mail on the Bank address - Investors Relationships Division -SEG-P.O.Box 56006 , Riyadh 11554.