Banque Saudi Fransi invites its shareholders to attend the Ordinary general assembly Meeting

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The board of directors of Banque Saudi Fransi is pleased to invite its shareholders owning 1 shares or more to attend Ordinary general assembly Meeting to be held in the Bank head office located in King Saud Rd (Al Maather previously) in Riyadh on 20-04-2017 corresponding to 23-07-1438 at 18:30 to consider the following agenda:

1. Voting on Board report regarding the Bank activities during the fiscal year ended on 31/12/2016.

2. Voting on the auditors’ report of the fiscal year ended on 31/12/2016.

3. Voting on the Bank financial statement sheet as in 31/12/2016, and on the profits and losses account for the same fiscal year.

4. Voting to distribute shareholders dividends for the second half of 2016 at (50) halalas per share, total of SAR 601,104,955.50 (equals to %5 of stock par value) registered at the end of stock exchange on the general assembly date 23/07/1438H corr. 20/04/2017.

5. Voting on the Board resolution about dividends distributions to shareholders for the first half of fiscal year 2016 with a total of SAR 662,946,441.85 at (55) halalas per share (equals to %5.5 of stock par value) that was distributed 21/07/2016. Thus, the total dividends that were and to be distributed amounts to 1.05 SAR per share for fiscal year 2016 with a total of SAR 1,264,051,397.35 (equals to %10.5 of stock par value).

6. Quittance of the Board members for the results of their board membership for the period 1/01/2016 till 31/12/2016.

7. Voting on the remunerations paid to the Board members at SAR 360,000 for each member, total of SAR 3,360,000 in exchange for their membership from 1/01/2016 till 31/12/2016.

8. Voting on authorizing the Board of Directors to distribute interim dividends for shareholder of the fiscal year 2017, and identifying the due dates and distributing according to controls and procedures issued by competent authorities.

9. Voting on establishing an audit committee and determining its tasks, work controls and the annual remunerations and allowances of the members as per the Companies Law of the current session which ends in 31 Dec 2018, noting that members are:


Mr. Ammar Abdulwahed AlKhodairy


(board member- independent)

Mr. Badr Abdullah Al Issa


(board member- independent)

Mr. Arnod Shabin


(outside the bank) General Control Chief, Credit Agricole Banque, Corporate Banking and Investment

Mr. Eid Faleh Saif Al Shammary


(outside the bank)

Mr. Mohammad Ikhwan


(outside the bank)

The quorum necessary for the meeting to be in session should be attended by the shareholders representing 50% of the company's capital. Each shareholder owning 1 or more shall have the right to attend the general assembly meeting whether in person or by proxy, subject to presentation of corroborating evidence or a written power of attorney endorsed by the chamber of commerce, other than the member of the board of directors or employees of the company, to attend the general assembly meeting on their behalf and it should be sent to The Bank head office located in Al Maather Rd. in Riyadh, P.O. Box 56006 , Riyadh, 11554. The authorizations may also be handed to the Secretary General office and delivered to the company prior 3 day of the meeting. Contact details : please call: 0112891136- 0112891084 Fax: 0114037261.

Best regards,   


Banque Saudi Fransi- Board of Directors




Sample of Power of Attorney

I ,  The Shareholder /                                                                        (Full name of the person , company. or organization as stated in the CR) , the undersigned ,  as per (the Civil Registry /CR/ Muqeem ID)No.  ,               dd          /   /      H ,  As one of Banque Saudi Fransi shareholders , owing ( ……………..) share , have appointed the shareholder whose full name is ……………………………………………………………….(Civil Registry/ CR/ Muqeem ID) no.(……………………….) (who is not a member of the Board of Directors , a BSF staff ,  who is not permanently appointed to do technical or administrative job for his favor) to attend the  meeting of the  Extraordinary General Assembly on behalf of me that will be held at 6:30 PM  on Thursday dd , 23/07/14387H corresponding to 20/04/2017G in the Eighth  Floor of the Bank head office located in King Saud Rd (Al Maather previously) in Riyadh. The previously mentioned shareholder shall also have the right to cast a vote on the  Assembly works on behalf of me and to sign all the necessary documents required for holding the meeting .Noting that this POA is applicable in the 2nd meeting  in case the meeting was postponed.

Issued in :    /     /2017

Name :

Signature:                                                Position:                                 Ratification: