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Banque Saudi Fransi Board of Directors is pleased to invite its shareholders to attend the meeting of the Extraordinary General Assembly that will be held at 8:30 PM, Tuesday 27/08/1438H corresponding to 23/05/2017 in the eighth floor of the Bank head office located in King Saud Rd (Al Mather previously) in Riyadh by using the following link The purpose of the meeting is to review the following agenda:


1- Voting on the amendments of Bank Article of Association as per the Companies Law issued by Royal Decree No. (M3) dated 28/1/1437 H that came into force from 2/5/2016G in accordance with the new Companies Law and form 4 issued by the Ministerial Decision No. 18379 dated 1/6/1437H.


As per the bank articles of association, each shareholder (regardless of his share number) has the right to attend the General Assembly and practice his right of voting (vote per share basis). A shareholder has also the right to assign another shareholder (Non- board member) a staff nor those who are permanently assigned for technical or administrative works for the bank to attend the Assembly on his behalf under a written authorization ratified by Industrial Commercial Chambers, a licensed bank, or authorized persons. The bank must be provided with a copy of authorization via fax no. 011/4037261 or send it to the Bank head office located in Al Maather Rd. in Riyadh, P.O.Box 56006 Riyadh, 11554. The authorizations may also be handed to the Secretary General office at least 2 days before the meeting date where the authorizations will be sorted to be verified.


It is worth mentioning that the quorum for holding the assembly is 50% of the total number of the issued shares. If the required quorum has not been met , the second meeting will be held at least one hour after the end of the first meeting period . The second meeting shall be valid if attended by shareholders who represent at least quarter (25%) of the bank capital. The honored shareholders may vote on the items of the General Assembly agenda online starting from 10:00 A.M. Friday 23/08/1438H corresponding to 19/05/2017G until 4:00 P.M. on Tuesday 27/08/1438H corresponding to 23/05/2017G by using the following link taking into consideration that registration and voting are available in tadawulaty services for free for all shareholders.


The Bank wishes to clarify to all shareholders that the eligibility to attend the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting held on Tuesday, 27 Shaaban 1438H corresponding to 23 May 2017 (as per Umm Al Qura Calendar), will be for shareholders registered in the Banks shareholders registry at the Depository Center as of the end of trading on the EOGM day.


The Shareholder wishing to attend the meeting shall bring evidence of his ownership of shares or (shares owned by his assignee) and the (ID/Iqama) as well as the original copy of the authorization. All of the honored shareholders are kindly requested to arrive at the meeting place before the scheduled time in order to allow sometime to finalize the registration procedures. please call: 0112891136- 0112891084 Fax: 0114037261. (authorization is attached)



Best regards,


Banque Saudi Fransi- Board of Directors


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