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What is FransiPlus?

FransiPlus is Banque Saudi Fransi internet online banking service that offers you the ability to view your accounts, conduct transactions and answer any of your inquiries from the convenience of your home, office, or from any PC in the world.

What are the accounts that I can view?

All accounts held under your name even if opened after registration can be viewed. This includes current, saving, credit card, and time deposit accounts. As for your investment accounts, you will be able to see the sum of your portfolio holdings.

What are the services and transactions offered by Fransi Plus?

  1. Manage your Accounts: Gain full access to your accounts products and transactions
    • View your account balances and transactions history
    • View your products (Term deposits, Loans, Credit Cards, Insurance, Investments etc)
    • Search your accounts based on various criteria such as transaction type, date, amount etc
  2. Pay Your Utility Bills: Avoid queues & parking problems - paying your bills online is fast & simple
    • Receive your telephone and electricity bills online
    • Make one time payment or setup beneficiaries for regular payments
    • View bill payment history
  3. Transfer FundsTransfer: funds to anyone, anywhere, anytime
    • Transfer funds outside and within Saudi Arabia, to another Banque Saudi Fransi customer or within your own accounts
    • Make one time transfer or setup beneficiaries for regular transfers
    • View funds transfer history
  4. Manage Your Credit Cards
    • Activate your newly issued credit card
    • Stop your credit card if lost or stolen
    • Settle your Banque Saudi Fransi credit cards
    • Add money to your credit card if traveling abroad for higher spending limit
    • Settle other bank's credit cards by using Transfers to a Local Bank
  5. Value Added Services Services: that allow you to organize and manage
    • Update your contact information
    • Request Cheque book and accounts statement
    • Project your balance with Personal Financial Organizer
    • Setup aliases for your accounts and credit cards
  6. FransiFlash - Mobile SMS Services: Receive SMS messages on your mobile phone for your accounts, credit cards, investments, utility bills etc.

Who can subscribe to FransiPlus?

Any Individual/ Joint Private customer that maintains an account with us and has a valid ATM card issued by BSF can subscribe to this service by registering online.

What is required for registration?

In order to register online, you will need your ATM Card Number and PIN. You will also need to have your Credit Card/ Account information handy.

Are there any hardware or software requirements to access FransiPlus?

In order to access FransiPlus, you must have Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. If you do not have Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, we recommend that you download it from www.msn.com

When can I use FransiPlus?

You can access FransiPlus at any time. However, transactions made after 9:00 p.m. will be reflected in your accounts on the next business day.

Can I contact BSF through FransiPlus?

Yes, Fransi Plus includes a user Friendly CONTACT US option that enables you to send to BSF any questions, inquiries,

How user friendly is FransiPlus?

Fransi Plus has been made as friendly as possible for your convenience. Also, FransiPlus Contains a Demo option that will help you understand all our services just by clicking on the Demo button.

Is there a fee for subscribing to Fransi Plus?

The FransiPlus subscription is free of charge, and most of the features currently available on FransiPlus are free of charge too. However, nominal charges may apply when requesting funds transfers within and outside Saudi Arabia for less price than the branch and subscribing to FransiFlash premium services depending on your relationship with the bank.

What if My ATM card is expired?

A valid ATM card is required for subscription, But if you are already subscribed and the ATM got expired changing the password is not possible and will not affect your FransiPlus transactions.


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Can I change my Subscriber ID or Password?

Your Subscriber ID is your permanent code. You can change your password at any time by choosing the option on FransiPlus.

Can I transfer money today and take it out at the cash machine/branch?

You are able to do same-day transfers 7 days a week (subject to available funds in your account). However at certain times of the day this service will not be available while we run daily updates on our computer systems. In general the transfer facility will not update your accounts if the transfer is incurred after 9:00 p.m. and will be reflected in your accounts on the next business day.

Can I transfer funds in different currency?

Yes, FransiPlus provides you with online cross currency transfers. Given that you have sufficient funds, you will be able to transfer any amount up to SAR 30,000 each day.

Can I transfer my account information to other software?

If you would like to keep your own personal records, we added the functionality to transfer your information to Excel. Just press the Excel feature button.

Can I pay my telephone bills from any account?

You can pay your STC phone bill from any of your current accounts. All you need to do is choose which account you want to pay your phone bill from the drop down menu.

Which items could I order?

You can order a Chequebook and a bank statement. A maximum of 1 order can be made per business day. To receive your Chequebook, please visit the branch where your account is held to pick up your Chequebook after 4 business days of order.

What should be done to cancel this service?

If you decide to cancel your subscription to FransiPlus, then you should write a letter indicating your wish to cancel the service and include your Subscriber ID and your signature.

Can I keep record of my (Debit/Credit) accounts?

By using our Beneficiary Setup option, you are able to save any account at BSF or, Telecom or Electricity company subscriber account and create a name for them. This feature will simplify the process of transfers by keeping these accounts available for future transfer transactions.

Is it possible to trace a transaction by FransiPlus?

By using the account search option, you are able to search any transaction that took place through a normal transfer, at a POS or at an ATM.

Can I personalize my accounts?

Yes, the personalization option enables you to name any account and select any desired alert which will notify you on your FransiPlus screen once you log in.

Can I pay my Credit Cards by FransiPlus?

You are able to pay your credit card settlements by our credit card option, click on the tab and you will find it easy to apply.

Can I view the history of my STC bill payments?

Under Bill Payments we have this option but this list is solely for online payments. However, you could order a statement of account that includes all payments types such as ATM and POS.

Can I apply for a loan through FransiPlus?

You cannot apply for a loan BUT you are able to calculate the loan amount and loan payments you could expect if you applied for a loan at BSF. Our Bank Advisor option may also provide you with exchange rates for international currencies and automatic calculations.


How secure is FransiPlus and accessing my account information online?

Our secure server site uses state of the art encryption to prevent anyone other than you from accessing your account online. When you Log On, you will be asked to provide us with your Subscriber Identity Code, and Pass-Code; only after successfully entering the required information will you be able to view and access your accounts. When you enter this data, it will be automatically encrypted, so that no one else can read it. For your peace of mind, we have a number of invisible fraud-prevention checks in place, and our systems are continuously monitor

Can someone access BSF systems to retrieve my account information?

To access your account information a hacker will have to try billions of sequences and combinations.BSF employs industry standard levels of encryption to help ensure that the information passed between your PC and the bank is secure. In addition BSF employs a number of security measures and round the clock monitoring to deter hackers and protect your account information that is held within our systems

What could I do to protect my account(s) and personal information?

  • For a start, make sure that no one else knows your Subscriber ID and password, including the bank's employees. Be sure to exit FransiPlus before you leave your PC, so that no one can access your account from your PC in your absence. If you believe someone may have your Subscriber ID and your password, please call 800-124-2121 to have this information changed as quickly as possible.
  • Check your account regularly. If you think there is a transaction showing in your account that you do not remember making or if cash has been transferred unexpectedly - note down the details and report the details to us immediately
  • Do not open emails from unknown sources. If you are in doubt about the source of an email, do not open the email; simply delete it without reading the content.
  • Install an anti virus software on your PC. It is recommended that you purchase and install anti-virus software on your PC. Contact your local computer retailer who can provide you with advice about purchasing a suitable program. Having installed a product it will require to be updated regularly to ensure your system has the latest available protection because of the large number of new viruses that continually appear.

What if I lost my ATM card,can someone access my FransiPlus subscription?

No, because your ATM card number is not used for logging in, it is only used at subscription and for changing the password. Changing the password requires the ATM card number and PIN and after passing this phase, you will be asked for your user ID and password. Unless the person has this information, access is not viable, but to be on the safe side, contact us at 800-124-2121 and notify our employees of the problem and both your ATM card and FransiPlus subscriber account will be disabled.

Forgot password, what can I do?

Forgot Password process is also online, simple & secure.

Follow the four simple steps below to set new password:

  • Click on Forgot Password in top left corner of the screen
  • Enter your BSF primary ATM card & PIN number
  • Enter any of your BSF 11-digit account number
  • Enter your existing subscriber-ID, new password (7-10 characters) and reconfirm it

That's it and you can login to FransiPlus with the new password immediately!

What can I do to Re-Activate my Subscriber-ID?

A customer may get suspended if he types a wrong password 5 times
In order to re-activate the subscriber-ID you may:

  • Send email to
  • Request for re-activation of subscriber-ID
  • Include current subscriber ID & CPT Number
  • OR Call our Toll-free number 800-124-0006, identify yourself and request for reactivation of your subscriber-ID
  • OR Visit a branch and fill a FransiPlus subscriber-id reactivation form.

I Forgot my Subscriber-ID, what can I do?

Call Contact Center (800-124-0006) or send email to requesting a subscriber ID with the following information:

  • CPT number
  • Contact number
  • Contact Center agent will call you back to verify you identity and sends you a subscriber-ID on you email registered in FransiPlus

How can I change my Username?

Send an email to Request cancellation of subscriber-ID, and include the following:

Your Current subscriber ID & CPT numberUse Online Registration process to re-subscribe.

Please note that you will loose in this process:

  • All beneficiary information that you defined
  • All transaction history.