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What is FransiKey?

FransiKey is a service that enable you to access your e-channel services (FransiPlus, FransiPhone) by generating a secure onetime-password from anywhere at anytime. 

FransiKey available as a hard token device or soft token application on your mobile.

How to Register in FransiKey service?

To register in FransiKey, Login to our e-channel services (FransiPlus, FransiPhone) and select FransiKey registration and then Soft token or Hard token.

Are there any charges to subscribe in FransiKey?

To know the fees, login to our e-channel services and check the fees while you register in FransiKey service. 

Soft Token application

Is a software token application that can be used on all mobile devices.

How to use FransiKey application (Soft Token)? 

Hard Token

Is a secure device provides you with a one time password. FransiPhone) from anywhere at anytime.

How to use FransiKey (Hard Token)?