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FransiTrade is a 24x7 secured web based front end solution for all your trade finance business needs. Corporate clients can carry out online issuance and amendments of letters of credit and guarantees and also can receive information on incoming letters of credit, as well as amendments at their offices.

FransiTrade Benefits

  • 24x7 on-line access to company’s trade finance portfolio
  • High level of user friendliness
  • Provision of full amendment history and excellent reporting capabilities
  • Huge improvement of customer service levels
  • Saves a lot of time and enhances processing efficiencies
  • FransiTrade generates detailed reports for client company managers, accountants and auditors.
  • Via Fransi Trade companies can easily communicate electronically with Banque Saudi Fransi, by using either the FransiCorp, or the e-Document systems as gateways.



Export letters of credit or related credit transactions received from other banks via SWIFT by Banque Saudi Fransi can be handled via the new on-line e-Document service. Companies could view these details electronically from their offices and also print these export letters of credit.

e-Document does reduce delays and avoids paper work. Besides being notified electronically, companies can communicate via this gateway with Banque Saudi Fransi, inquire about amendments and/or request cancellations of export letters of credit without any manual processing.

e-Document Benefits

  • e-Document is the new electronic gateway of Banque Saudi Fransi to communicate with its exporting corporate clients
  • This system presently caters for advise of export letters of credit and related amendments
  • Facility to accommodate correspondence between corporate clients and Banque Saudi Fransi on export letters of credit
  • Safe and secure mode of communication protected by passwords

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