A fully fledged 24x7 internet banking solution designed specifically for a multitude of business needs. FransiCorp’s highly customizable user profile will match the organizational structure and transactional flow requirements of any commercial and corporate group with seamless control and state of the art security.

FransiCorp Benefits   

  • Web enabled platform real-time 24x7 banking
  • Comprehensive business oriented functionality
  • User friendly interface
  • Customizable business workflow
  • Multi-user profiles
  • Multi-access levels
  • Downloadable information



A secure internet based electronic payment solution designed specifically for corporate groups, that need to execute large volumes of transactions with high frequency. B2B integrates the corporate ERP systems directly with Banque Saudi Fransi’s payment gateway.

B2B Benefits

  • Fully automated between company and Banque Saudi Fransi without manual intervention
  • Supports future value transactions
  • Seamless integration between company IT systems and bank payment gateway
  • Easy reconciliation



Banque Saudi Fransi’s key corporate clients can now join our SWIFT Member Administered Closed User Group (MACUG), to perform a wide range of financial transactions directly.

MA-CUG Benefits

  • Excellent corporate  connectivity
  • Fast communication and enhanced straight through processing
  • Standard SWIFTNet messaging capability
  • Highest security standards and reliability
  • Best overall global cash flow control
  • Centralized and automated operations


Bill & Bulk Payments

The newly developed bill & bulk payments make it very easy for groups to pay bills of their various offices across the Kingdom in one go. This is an ideal solution for any business with hundreds of offices or outlets. 

Bill & Bulk Payment Benefits

  • company can select any of their accounts to be debited for selected bill payment
  • list of all biller companies (presently over 65) available on the system
  • single payment or bulk bill payments possible
  • by default actual bill amount will be paid
  • some billers allow partial or over payment 
  • for multiple bill & bulk payments only payment of total bill amount possible
  • view history of bills paid for period of 3 months 


Standing Orders

Instruction companies give to Banque Saudi Fransi to pay a set amount at regular intervals to another account. This solution has been in existence since many years and is an ideal solution for a first step cash management.

Standing Order Benefits

Standing Order refers to an instruction by a commercial or corporate client to be executed by Banque Saudi Fransi, based on pre-defined requests.



e-Dividend is a service that enables a joint stock company to automatically initiate dividend payments (via SARIE) from its account with Banque Saudi Fransi to individual shareholder accounts. Shareholders with no current or inaccurate account details on record can receive their dividends in cash from any Banque Saudi Fransi branches throughout the Kingdom. e-Dividend has an excellent inquiry system available to the company and at all Banque Saudi Fransi branches. It can also recognize any dividends paid out and this feature is exclusively offered in the Kingdom by Banque Saudi Fransi.

e-Dividend Benefits

  • More convenience for shareholders
  • Faster dividend distribution
  • Eliminating manual dividend payment process for listed companies
  • Efficient handling of dividend payments for shareholders without bank account details
  • Reporting mechanism for listed companies detailing dividends paid and unpaid
  • On-line inquiry capability to lookup dividend payout status of individual shareholders
  • Ability for listed companies to automate reconciliation process using Banque Saudi Fransi dividend data files
  • Joint stock companies receive notification of all dividends which were successfully paid, as well as all dividends which are held for disposal at Banque Saudi Fransi branches
  • Joint stock companies now notify their remaining shareholders to collect their dividends in cash from any Banque Saudi Fransi branch simply by using their national ID

For more information, please contact:

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Jeddah - Western Region

AlKhobar - Eastern Region

Thamer Al Yosha

Hawazin Eshki

Moayed Al-Ashoor

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