A fully fledged 24x7 internet banking solution designed specifically for a multitude of business needs giving you up to date information on all your company accounts. FransiCorp’s highly customizable user profile will match the organizational structure and transactional flow requirements of any commercial and corporate group with seamless control and state of the art security.



An electronic bank statement detailing all banking activities on predefined accounts, sent via secure e-mail to participating corporate clients.

e-Statement Benefits

  • Speedy delivery of account statements to corporate clients, as these are available much sooner than statements sent via conventional postal service
  • Detailed activity reporting of predefined target accounts
  • Customized frequency of delivery (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Excel format to facilitate further evaluation of numbers for reconciliation purposes

Sent via secure e-mail to predefined e-mail addresses of designated and authorized managers at corporate client offices.

For more information, please contact:

Riyadh - Central Region

Jeddah - Western Region

AlKhobar - Eastern Region

Thamer Al Yosha

Hawazin Eshki

Moayed Al-Ashoor

Tel: (011) 207 3167

Tel: (012) 224 2355

Tel: (013) 810 3037