Smart way to bank, FransiGlobal is a web tool designed for Commercial and Corporate Customers of Banque Saudi Fransi (BSF) that allows them to perform all of their major banking needs over the Internet that includes Inquiries as well as Transaction Services A fully fledged 24/7 internet banking solution designed specifically for a multitude of business needs. With FransiGlobal service, corporate can extremely cut their paper work and enjoy the benefits of effective service and easy to use by the clients.                                                                                                                                                                        


  • Fast and real time and Secure
  • Multi user profiles with different privileges
  • Downloadable MIS reports in multiple formats

Product Features

  • Summary of all accounts
  • Client utilization
  • User defined search
  •  Term deposit information
  • User Activity history
  • SADAD beneficiary upload
  • Beneficiary upload
  • Bulk Payment Upload
  • Alert Service via SMS/Email


  • Fund transfers (Within BSF, Local and International)
  • Account sweeping
  • Bulk payments
  • Beneficiary maintenance
  • MOI (single and bulk)
  • ARAMCO payments

For more information, please contact customer support:                                                                                                                        
Tel: (011) 289 1880