Fund Collection

This is an ideal solution for the regular collection of any 3rd party receivables, may that be payments from private individuals or companies. The payments can be regular or non regular payments, with fixed or variable amounts and received through different channels i.e. branches, Banque Saudi Fransi electronic channels, and other bank transfers.

Fund Collection Benefits

  • Faster receipt of funds for corporate clients
  • Convenience for corporate clients 3rd party customers
  • Flexibility to receive payments from 3rd party clients through multiple channels including branches or bank transfers
  • No limitation on the choice of payment and banks for 3rd party customers 
  • Automatic identification of payment source for corporate clients
  • Interfaces to corporate client’s own accounting system for reconciliation
  • Instant advices to corporate  clients of funds received



Banque Saudi Fransi acts as SADAD biller account servicing bank for large, medium and small companies. SADAD is a centralized national electronic bill presentation and payment system. Banque Saudi Fransi is fully compliant with SADAD and supporting payments through all delivery channels, and for all member billers.  Banque Saudi Fransi is servicing the SADAD biller account for the biggest SADAD biller in the country. Access to SADAD is provided through all banking channels, conventional and electronic.

SADAD Benefits

  • SADAD will enable billers to collect their payment electronically through all banking channels in the Kingdom, including 8,824 ATMs & 1,405 bank branches (soon also POS terminals) in addition to phone banking and online banking.
  • This will enable any person or company to settle bills through their bank e-channels to access the SADAD system from anywhere in the world.
  • Billers can use one or both prepaid services (prepaid mobile phones) and regular postpaid payment services.
  • Billers can choose between real-time and batch bill payment notification based on the biller’s business requirements. 
  • There is no need to open bank accounts with different banks, because SADAD will collect the money from all banks and then transfer it to the biller’s bank SBA account on the following business day.
  • SADAD provides periodical reports to billers about all SADAD activities. 
  • SADAD provides on-boarding support to billers through a dedicated integration team.
  • SADAD provides biller access to the SADAD portal, which contains real-time data of all transactions, and allows billers to send complaints or inquiries. 
  • SADAD provides a helpdesk dedicated for serving billers 24/7.


Direct Debit

Direct Debit is a payment mechanism, which enables companies to collect amounts due from their 3rd party clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It is used for bill collection by companies, service suppliers, automobile companies, finance companies, insurance companies, utilities and any organization, which receives regular 3rd party client payments.

Direct Debit Benefits

  • No need to operate a detailed reconciliation process to check receipt of payments
  • Company can concentrate on direct debits, that are returned unpaid – manage by exception
  • Reduced back office  processing overheads
  • Greater predictability in cash flows

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