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At Banque Saudi Fransi, we are always looking for ways to add value to your business in terms of efficiency, reliability and upgraded service levels. To this end, we are pleased to introduce mada, the next level in the evolution of SPAN, the national payment service. Focused on your business needs and the needs of your customer, this service is designed to make your business more competitive, through enhanced Point-of-Sale business transactions, and is positioned to become the preferred retail payment of choice. 


Merchant letter - 01-Mada-Bank to Merchant-letter-V6 (English and Arabic separate) خطاب للتاجر
Merchant Brochure - 02-MADA-Bank to Merchant-Brochure 21x21-V6 كتيب للتاجر
Sales Representative DL Booklet -- MADA- Bank to Merchant - Sales Representative- DL Booklet-V6 مطوية لمندوب المبيعات
Cashier Leaflet - 0

Merchant letter 

Merchant Brochure 

Sales Representative DL Booklet

Cashier Leaflet